Buffet Menu – BMG


1. Skewered Meatball w Cherry Tomatoes
2. Mini Tartlets
– Tuna
– Quiche Lorraine

3. Sriracha BBQ Chicken Thigh
4. Creamy Butter Prawns w Sweet Brazil
5. Fish Fillets w Lemon Cherry Tomatoes Sauce
6. Honey Roasted Herb Root Vegetables
– Pumpkin
– Potato
– Carrot
7. Spaghetti Aglio Olio w Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes & Parleys
8. Primavera Fried Rice w Corn, Red & Yellow Capsicum

9. Mixed Fruits Platters
10. Ice Cold Lemon Tea

Kindly note the prices of packages will be finalized once you make an order request and verified by our staff.

For Corporate Events

For Ala Carte